Relaxing in Santorini

After lots of action in Athens and Mykonos, it was time to relax in Santorini. Santorini had breathtaking scenery and the most amazing sunset I’ve ever seen….but I didn’t love it. It honestly was just too touristy for me. I saw 1 too many pubs, a Chinese restaurant and had the worst meal of my trip. How do you screw up Shrimp Saganaki?? Ugh! (Side note – Avoid Argo Taverna. It has great reviews but my dinner tasted like a 5 year old made it.) *But* I really did enjoy those sunsets! 😉

We stayed at the Agali Houses which was in a great location as it was in a quiet nook, but still walking distance to town. While the view was breathtaking, I wouldn’t recommend this hotel for 2 reasons 1) You couldn’t flush toilet paper down the toilet 2) The towels had a weird smell. These may be minor things to some, but it was pretty annoying to me.


You can see the sunset view from hundreds of places on Santorini, but I particularly enjoyed the view from Porto Carra Bar. Located in town, it had a cute rooftop area, and fun cocktail list.



Look at that sunset!


Aside from sunset watching, the rest of our time was spent swimming in our pool, reminiscing on the experience and relaxing. Not too many pics to share from that. We absolutely LOVED our Greece experience and are eager to return back next year for a friends wedding in July ’17.

Cheers to a fabulous trip!


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