Don’t Skip Athens

I didn’t know what to expect from Athens. I hadn’t heard the most positive things about the city and some people even said to skip it and just transfer directly to Mykonos. But I am SO glad that my hubby and I didn’t listen to any of the negative comments. Athens was quite enjoyable and I definitely recommend spending a day or two there (it was 1.5 days for me to be exact).

A for Athens was perfectly located in walking distance to the Acropolis. It was clean and modern and also an easy metro ride from the airport (~45 min in transit, ~5 min walk). The hotel had a great complimentary breakfast and fun rooftop bar with a perfect night view of the city. Do I recommend this hotel? Absolutely!


We woke up early to have a quick breakfast before heading to the Acropolis for it’s 8am opening. All of the books that I read made me nervous about crowds, but getting there when the gates opened was perfect.


There were endless photo ops!




(that’s my hubby!)


In addition to the many ruins to explore around the Acropolis, the neighborhoods below were also nice to see.

Being a major foodie, I always aim to find the best restaurants and Atitamos didn’t disappoint. This adorable restaurant was located on a quiet corner tucked away from the touristy areas of the city, and had a welcoming staff. The food was incredible, and my husband and I both had an app, mains, dessert and a complimentary drink for 18.5 euro! There were a few other places I tried during my stay, but this is the one that stood out as a favorite. But honestly, you can’t go too wrong with Greek food.



A few more scenic pics (there was a lot of graffiti in the city!)…




Next stop in Greece, Mykonos!

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