My Constance Maldives Honeymoon Experience

As soon as my husband and I touched down in the Maldives, we knew that it would be a magical experience. After a quick customs clearance, we grabbed our bags and found a line of luxury hotel booths – and the Constance rep was right in front eager to greet us. Perfect way to kick things off…


Within 15 minutes we were brought to the Constance shuttle which whisked us away in style to their hotel lounge. It was stocked with beverages and sandwiches to welcome us into paradise. It was the perfect preview to our stay. After a hectic few days in Istanbul, I honestly could have spent a few hours in the lounge but we were quickly called to board our seaplane…


Seeing the seaplane gave me a rush of several emotions – fear, excitement, fear, fear, fear. Ok, I was terrified! But in order to make it to our dreamy resort, I just had to do it. So I put my fear aside, boarded the tiny plane and reminded myself that thousands of people make the same trip without a single issue!


Once we were up, up and away my worries subsided and I was completely overwhelmed with the beauty of it all.

About 30 minutes later, we touched down at Constance Moofushi and were greeted by Adhil, a friendly and patient man with his own little bop of a walk. I could tell island life had been good to him and he took us on a stroll through the property. Have I mentioned that the Maldives was my dream vacation destination? Everything was sinking in during our tour and as we explored it just got better and better!

But the BEST part of it all was our room. Water villa 103 was close to the beginning of the jetty and faced the more private side of the island. We were greeted with the traditional honeymoon welcome – towel swans, fruit basket and chilled champagne, note from the hotel.


We spent 4 days at Moofushi, and life consisted of snorkeling, eating and soaking up our blissful views. Right outside our villa, was a thriving coral ecosystem with shallow waters and lots to see. It was perfect for an amateur snorkeler like myself.



A daily excursion took us away from the resort to a sandbank, where we were able to explore deeper waters with the help of our guide.


Aside from water activities which also included paddle boarding through the calm waters, I would say one of the best parts of the resort was the food – and drinks! We love cocktails, and the all-inclusive drink menu did not disappoint.


But soon it was time to depart our beloved Moofushi and head to resort number 2, Halaveli.


Since Constance owns both Moofushi and Halaveli, we were easily able to schedule a speedboat to transport us to the next destination. The ride was about 20 minutes and passed a few other islands on the way.


We stayed at a beach villa at Halaveli which had more privacy and space compared to our water villa. If I had to chose a favorite, I would go with the water villa but they were both truly amazing. At Halaveli we had our own swimming pool, patio, outdoor bathroom and more. To enter, hotel staff had to ring a bell outside of a gated area which allowed us to be care free and enjoy our personal mini paradise.


Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 3.21.32 PM

Halaveli also had a great resort pool, which was a nice place to relax with a frozen mango margarita.


One last shot of the resort…


Overall, Halaveli felt more deserted and untouched, which was the best possible way to end our honeymoon before returning back to New York. It was the most memorable and special experience, and I couldn’t recommend both Moofushi and Halaveli enough for other honeymooners looking to create lifelong memories!




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  1. This is a lovely post, it was very informative and I love the pics. I am thinking of carrying my family there for the summer break. Wish me luck 🙂

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