Weekend in Virginia Beach

I turned 31 this month and ended up celebrating in Virginia Beach. A college friend was getting married and I had never been, so my boyfriend and I decided to have some road trip fun and take the drive from NY to VA.

It was a great weekend but before I get to the fun stuff, I must start with the bad. Do not drive in Virginia. The state is laced with speed traps and nearly every person who drove from NY to attend the wedding got a ticket. There are ridiculous zone changes where it seems the speed limit goes from 55 MPH to 35 MPH within a few minutes.

Ok, now to the good!

The wedding was at the Hilton Garden Inn which had a perfect view of the ocean and super friendly staff. It seemed to be on the nicer end of VA Beach as well versus the other end which got a little more grungy.


Based on hotel staff recommendations, we had a brunch at Doc Taylor’s and dinner at Waterman’s over the course of the weekend and both were great! Doc Taylor’s had brunch drinks for $3 and simple but really good food. I got the crab cake benedict which was awesome (not on the menu, but you can ask for it!), and my boyfriend was happy with his pulled pork sandwich.


Waterman’s was more of a night scene with a bar in front. Once again good food, and also outdoor beach front seating.

On the actual day of my birthday we went to the Neptune Wine Festival, which in theory sounded super fun but it was about 90 degrees out so we sampled quickly and then went off the the pool. But if it was just a little cooler or there was shade, we would have easily spent the entire day there.


Aside from the ticket, I had a perfect weekend. Turning 31 was pleasant compared to the last few birthdays. 27 – 29 seemed like a dramatic countdown to 30. Turning 30 seemed like the apocalypse with people warning me how life would be dramatically different (it was not). But I felt like I rolled into 31 and am really happy with where I am in life! Wedding selfie below, and looking forward to St. Lucia in November! 🙂


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