Barbados Crop Over 2014

My year of Caribbean/U.S. focused travel continues! I recently got back from my 3rd Barbados trip of the year which was a short but really good one. Didn’t want to miss carnival after having the best time last year and booked a super last minute tic 2 weeks before the weekend. I left after work Friday on JetBlue (so happy that they added more direct Barbados flights!), and landed around 3am. Spent Saturday – Monday there and then left Tuesday at 2am. Crazy whirlwind weekend, but well worth it! Below are some of the highlights. You can also check out my 2013 post for more details on the festival

Saturday am – Caught the end of Foreday and watched revelers wind down as the sun came up.


Saturday am – First meal of the trip was fishcakes and scrambled eggs at Lucky Horseshoe. Going straight from work to the airport, then landing and going to Foreday was a lot. Once I sat down to eat, this literally tasted heavenly!


Saturday pm – The Bliss party at Belle Plantation Estate was one of the best parties I’ve been to ever…and I have partied a lot :-). I can’t find a picture that captures what made this party so amazing, so just including a pic of the entrance. But this party had it all! Top shelf drinks, at least 10 different international food options, international djs, fireworks AND perhaps my most favorite feature was a shoe check where you could hang up your heels to party in flats. Brilliant idea!


Sunday am – Breakfast buffet at The Hilton is always good. They put some sort of coconut essence in their pancakes which I love!


Sunday pm – Booze Beach party at The Boatyard is a good casual party compared to Bliss. And it also happens to be where I met my boyfriend, so it was nice to be back!


Monday – Spent my last day in Barbados watching Kadooment, which was a nice contrast compared to last year when I jumped. With a coconut snow cone in hand, I was happy to relax and watch the action. Another AMAZING Barbados weekend in the books, and looking forward to my next Caribbean vacay in St Lucia. T-80 days (but who’s counting?) 🙂

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