Coping with Vacation Envy

In the days of social sharing where people document everything, it’s easy to have slight moments of envy – especially when it comes to vacations. There’s nothing people like to share more than their travel pics and experiences. And with 5 of my besties in various destinations this weekend, I started to wish I was away as well. But since not every day can be a vacation, I thought of a few ways to make my weekend vacation-esque in its own way. Here are a few tips for anyone who feels the same way!

1) Enjoy the beauty outside your very own home: Take a moment to look around and see what’s outside your own door! It’s spring in NY and I live on a gorgeous block. I realized that if I saw the same blooming tree in Paris that I saw on my block, I would be super ecstatic and quickly snap a picture. So that’s exactly what I did – and I posted it too :-)!


2) Make a slideshow of your favorite travel memories: I’ve had a digital photo frame in its box since Christmas, and I decided it was finally time to put it to use! I put together a collection of scenic photos from my favorite travel moments and uploaded them to the frame. Now my favorite places are in constant rotation.

4-28-2013 10-12-19 AM

3) Go somewhere new in your city: I’m more of a West Side NYC girl, but I ventured to the Lower East Side to try a new bar. Although it validated that I do in fact love the West Side much more, it was nice to take a little field trip to the other side of town.


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  1. Awww this is cute and also a good idea.

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