Caribbean Weekend Getaways from NY


Sometimes a good long weekend away is all you need to re-tune. Lately I’ve been finding it difficult to get through just 1 chapter in a book. Yes, a beach weekend is exactly what I need for some pure R&R. Unfortunately, my vacation days are pretty much accounted for this year (and it’s only March, yikes!). This means that a Friday night flight out of NYC is pretty much my only option. So after a long and determined search on my favorite site Kayak, I found 3 direct flight night options – Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Bermuda. I’m not dying to go to any of the destinations, but for anyone else looking, here is what I found:

*All departures are on Fridays, and the roundtrip coming back on a Sunday for most destinations ranged from $300 – $700 in June

  • Bermuda – 5:40pm departure/2h 25 min flight
  • Trinidad and Tobago – 5:40pm/4h 55min flight
  • Puerto Rico – 5:00pm departure/4h 2m flight
  • Jamaica – 12:25pm departure/3h 50 min flight
  • Bahamas – 11:04am departure/3h 12min flight
  • Turks and Caicos Islands – 10:30am departure/3h 30 min flight
  • Aruba – 10:20am departure/4h 36 min flight
  • Dominican Republic (Punta Cana) – 9:04am departure/3h 57 min flight
  • Saint Martin – 9:00am departure/3h 57 min flight
  • Barbados – 8:00am departure/4h 43 min flight

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